Oort Cloud Computing Makes the "Start Up Watch List!"

Boston Business Journal
(July 9-132012)

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about cloud computing...

Cloud computing uses the Internet to gain access to computing resources so you no longer need to buy and maintain these resources on site. 

It's hard to think of a more fortuitous convergence of technology and economic circumstances!  

Cloud computing has evolved from the convergence of advances in processors, storage, broadband Internet connections and fast, inexpensive servers.  By renting rather than purchasing and maintaining IT assets, businesses can cut IT costs dramatically and stay focused on core business issues.

 Cloud computing is radically different from traditional on-premises computing in these ways: 

  • Cloud computing resources are no longer dedicated, but shared in the cloud. You don't pay for hardware, software, licenses, personnel. You rent -- or subscribe to -- the resources you need for as long as you need them.  

  • Cloud computing resources are massively scalable. You don't buy anything extra to handle much larger information loads. You just rent additional services. 

  • Cloud computing resources are elastic based on short term needs; you pay for computing resources as you need and use them. 

IT services available in the cloud include: 

  1. infrastructure 
  2. applications
  3. security
  4. storage
  5. asset management
  6. archiving
  7. productivity
  8. collaboration
  9. messaging 

We help you decide which of these services you want to move to the cloud and then make it happen.