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(July 9-132012)

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I'm always searching for and evaluating cloud products, services and vendors.  Here is a list of  IT functions I can help you migrate to the cloud: 

Collaboration and Communication:

Using cloud-based messaging and collaboration applications requires no premises software and needs minimal administration, which creates IT cost savings for your organization.  All application upgrading and patching occurs behind the scenes.  You get up-to-date application and collaboration services without taking on the housekeeping chores.

IT Asset Management:

Cloud-based IT audit and inventory services are the easiest way to manage your IT hardware and software assets.  Accurate and frequent inventory scans let you know what hardware you have and what software you are using.  You can view your inventory reports at any time, be informed about potential risks from unauthorized software installation, and keep track of your software licenses.

PC and Server Security:

Using security services in the cloud is an innovative way to manage PC and server security.  Gone are the days of running your own server to push out resource-hogging security clients and their updates.  A “lightweight” security agent installed on your PCs and servers communicates with “cloud security central” which utilizes the “collective intelligence” of all the reporting security agents to quickly react to new security threats.  This keeps your systems more secure than was previously possible with premises-based solutions.

E-Mail Archiving:

Archiving your e-mail messages and attachments in the cloud allows you to search and produce any archived message or attachment whenever you need it.  Premises-based archiving solutions require more hardware and software and someone who knows how to maintain it, which all costs you more money.  Cloud-based e-mail message archiving has unlimited capacity and works with virtually any premises-based e-mail messaging system.  The archived e-mail messages and attachments are encrypted for your protection, and you are in control of who can search the e-mail messaging archive.  For legal reasons many organizations are now required to archive the contents of their e-mail messaging systems.  For others, it  just makes sense to archive old messages that do not need to be kept on-line in your messaging server's database.

Data Backup and Restore:

We all know we should make backups of critical data but many small organizations don't have the internal resources to see that the job gets done regularly.  Cloud-based enterprise backup and restore services are now available for small and medium size businesses.  A good cloud backup and restore service can do “block level” backup and handle multiple operating system files while de-duplicating and compressing the data being backed up.  Remote management, synchronized local and off-site backup and agentless backup of databases are other important features.  Of vital importance is on-site encryption with storage in commercial, high-availability data centers where your data is accessible only to you.  Don't confuse personal consumer grade cloud backup services with the real thing.  Your data keeps you in business.  Backup it up in the cloud and sleep better at night.      

Disaster Recovery:
If losing your data means losing your livelihood then you should have an off-site disaster recovery plan for your valuable data.  The problem is 50% of small businesses don't.  Why?  Until recently, it has been too expensive for small businesses to even consider doing it.  Today it is possible to utilize a cloud -based service that “slices and dices” your backup data then encrypts your backup data and redundantly stores it on multiple nodes located on the Internet.  By being part of a “cooperative storage cloud” you avoid per Gigabyte charges and pay only a modest monthly fee per server or PC being protected.  Backing up your local backup into a “cooperative storage cloud” provides you with cloud-based disaster recovery storage for your data backup without burning a hole in your wallet