Oort Cloud Computing Makes the "Start Up Watch List!"

Boston Business Journal
(July 9-132012)

Mass High Tech Startup Watch: 
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about oort cloud computing...  


Tim Wessels...

the founder of Oort Coud Computing, has 25 years experience helping small and medium sized businesses successfully implement their critical information technology systems.

As a student of IT industry trends, Tim pays close attention to the arrival of game changing technologies and services, such as cloud computing.  His mission is to bring his passion for cloud computing to his clients so they can reap the benefits.  

 Tim understands that cloud computing is the emerging IT landscape of the 21st century. The efficiencies to be achieved by adopting cloud computing make it a no-brainer for most organizations. Tim also understands that organizations need a strategy and a road map to migrate IT services into the cloud.  Oort Cloud Computing orchestrates the effort to make a successful transition to cloud computing.

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