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the next big thing in computing...  

Cloud Computing is the next big thing in computing... 

Cloud computing replaces buying, licensing, running and maintaining computing assets on your premises with buying necessary computing services as you need them. These services are provided via the cloud over the Internet.

Cloud computing services are ideal for managing IT in an economic recession.  According to researchers of IT trends, cloud computing is going to be one of the fastest growing IT areas in coming years. 

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Taking Steps Into The Cloud...

(excerpted from New Hampshire Business Journal, April, 2011) 

My journey to cloud computing began with a single step. Early in 2009, it dawned on me that cloud computing, which I had been paying attention to off and on, was going to fundamentally change the delivery model of information services. I committed myself to reading about, researching and evaluating various cloud computing services. What I was learning became so compelling that I decided to retool my consultancy around cloud computing.

I saw how cloud computing could offer my clients reduced capital expenditures, lower application costs and the ability to move quickly with new business initiatives.  I developed a "starter kit" of cloud services that covers a baseline of IT services most customers require in one form or another. 

Some Clients Step Into The Cloud...
One client I assisted was an organization facing a license renewal for an on-premises anti-virus and anti-malware program they were not particularly fond of using. They switched to a cloud-based alternative, which allowed the network manager to deploy and manage the application using the cloud while taking advantage of the "collective intelligence" of systems using the service. This proved so successful they renewed the subscription.

Another client was already leaning towards the cloud. He believed locating the organization's IT services in the cloud would improve business operations with fewer IT headaches. The company's cloud makeover affected most of its IT services, including messaging, collaboration (file synchronization), project management, Internet security, IT asset management and backup disaster recovery. Although this was a big bite out of the cloud, he can see that moving these functions to the cloud has improved their business operations.

Several principals of a professional accounting firm, my third example, attended a conference that looked at the use of a cloud-based tax preparation application. When they returned home they contacted me for a consultation. After some initial meetings they decided to update their aging IT systems and network first, so the network "plumbing" and most of the PCs were replaced.



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And ... just as I helped businesses navigate the early days of PC technology and then helped them grow into powerful PC networks, I am now positioned to help you take the next evolutionary step in your technology -- the cloud. 

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